How to remove LCD screen and inverter board from Acer Aspire 5580, 5570, 3680

This video explains how to remove and replace the LCD screen and inverter board in Acer Aspire 5580, 5570 and 3680 series laptops.

It’s not necessary to separate the display panel from the laptop base in order to remove the LCD and inverter. You can do it while the display is still attached to the base.


1. Turn off the laptop and remove the battery.

2. Remove 8 screws securing the display bezel (time point 0:08 in the video).

3. Remove the display bezel (time point 0:20 in the video).

4. Remove the inverter board (time point 0:30 in the video).

5. Remove screws securing the LCD screen assembly to the display cover (time poing 0:43).

Now it’s getting differnt.

6. Separate the LCD screen assembly from the display cover and disconnect the video cable on the back of the LCD screen (time 1:44 in the video).

NOTE: At this point the LCD screen assembly is still attached to the laptop base.

7. Remove screws securing the LCD screen to the moutning brackets. Two screws on each side of the screen (time 1:17 in the video).

8. Replace the removed LCD screen with a new one if needed. You can find a new screen for Acer Aspire laptops here.

For complete laptop disassembly instructins please refer to this service manual or here for Acer Aspire 3680, 5570, 5580 laptops. It’s a 4.6MB pdf file and might take some time to download.

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Static electricity can kill your laptop. I recommend wearing an anti-static wrist strap while working with internal parts of your laptop.


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